Thursday, July 04, 2019

God Will Provide

“God Himself will provide the sheep for the burnt offering.” Genesis 22:8

The story of Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice Isaac has many levels of meaning. It foreshadows God’s generosity to sacrifice His only Son on the cross that we might be saved. 

Today, my take on this focuses on obedience, our willingness to follow God’s laws and His teachings. We have to follow even if we do not understand, even if we do not know the future, even if there does not seem to be anything in it for us. 

Yesterday my husband got together with a group of his classmates because a friend from the US arrived, a guy who works in the biggest car dealership there. He was asked, “Who was the most famous person you sold a car to?” Then he told the story that one day a man arrived at their showroom. He described him looking like a “taong grasa”, a beggar, unkempt, and all the other salesmen kept to their seats. He was the only one who chose to approach and entertain the man while he looked at the cars. Then the man asked for a particular model, and though it was on hold, Luigi’s classmate did the paperwork to free it so it could be sold. They then took the car out for trial. While they were on the road, Luigi’s classmate asked, “What do you do?” The man said he was a director of movies. When they got back to the showroom, the man said he would buy the car and he paid cash, not installment. All the other salesmen were astonished! It turned out that that man was the director of the smash hit, SpiderMan! 

God teaches us many things. One of them is that we should respect and love people the way He does. We should not pick and choose and discriminate. We should not play favorites. After all, He died for each one of us, the wicked, the righteous, the rich, the “taong grasa”, the meek, the one who runs rough shod over our feelings, the stupid, the blind, the one who spreads fake news, even the murderer. God Himself will provide the sacrifice that needs to be offered for all our sin.

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