Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Eyes of Compassion

“Take this child and nurse it for me, and I will repay you.” Exodus 2:9

The Pharaoh’s daughter was instrumental in saving Moses who became the great deliverer of the Hebrew nation. When she noticed the basket floating in the water, and opened it, she saw the crying baby boy inside with eyes of compassion. 

Many of us have eyes of compassion for those who are hurting but do we go further and act on it? 

I was listening to the great grand-daughter of Smith Wigglesworth, one of the giants of our faith. He was just a simple man, a plumber, who did not know how to read or write until his wife taught him, but he ushered in a revival during his time that reached many corners of the world. Although he was extremely busy travelling everywhere, he never forgot to teach his children and grandchildren about the Lord. 

When his great grand-daughter Lillian was about 4 years old, about 70 years ago, her dad who was also a pastor in the Congo, brought his whole family to a village that had never heard about Jesus. He wanted to bring them the Good News. When they reached there, they asked where they could sleep for the night. The villagers pointed to a 4-pole, open hut in the middle and they set up their camp beds there. A storm erupted and Alice and Harold Berry, Lillian’s parents, started rebuking the storm, but the thunder and lightning continued throughout the night. When the sun came out in the morning, the men of the village approached. 

“We want to serve your God!” they said. “How do you know who our God is?!” Harold asked in surprise. “Your God is the God who can save our children from the lions. We put you where the lions sleep every night. Sometimes our children forget and go outside our homes and the lions eat our children. Your God sent a storm and the lions did not come! Your God protected your children. We want to know your God!” The whole village came to know Jesus. 

When we see others with the eyes of compassion, we can never imagine what God will do to help us, and what can happen if we listen to God, and follow His guidance. 

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