Sunday, July 21, 2019

One Thing

“There is need of only one thing.” Luke 10:42

What is that one thing, that secret, that Jesus told Martha she needed? Mary, Martha’s sister had chosen the better part, Jesus revealed, and it was not serving Him. Martha was so “abalang abala” as we say in Pilipino, anxious about all she had to do. Mary just sat beside the Lord, listening to Him. That is what we must do also before anything else. 

Reinhard Bonnke, a German Pentecostal evangelist in Africa, told a story about visiting a prison in Bukavu that was so medieval in its practices. It was a filthy cage for humans. When he went, the prisoners, with their chains so thick an elephant could not escape, were worshiping the Lord, and clanking their chains for music. Bonnke felt God speak saying, “Tell the worship leader he will be freed and he will preach the gospel.” So Bonnke asked to speak to the leader in private and the interpreter told Richard, the worship leader, what God said. 

“Are you sure?” Richard asked incredulously. “See that tree? Every month the hangman comes and we line up before that tree. The hangman put a rope there with a noose and one by one, men are put to death. Three times I have waited in line. Three times the hangman grew too tired to hang me. The last time he was here, I was the next man to die. The hangman glared at me like he wanted to see me dead. Then he threw up his hands and went home.”

Bonnke went to a local politician to plead for Richard’s life. He was unavailable but his wife said it would be done if Bonnke could find a way for her two children to attend university in Germany. Bonnke said he could not do that. He left Bukavu with a heavy heart. Two years after, he heard that Richard was set free and he arranged for him to attend Bible School. Twelve years later, he met Richard again, in a maroon suit, and he was a sponsoring pastor for the Christ for All Nations Crusade in Africa. 

If we listen to God, God can tell us all sorts of marvelous things and all sorts of wonderful things can happen. We just need to sit at His feet like Mary. 

See for the full story. 

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