Thursday, November 03, 2022

Rejoice with Me!

“Rejoice with me!" Luke 15:9

In Jesus' time, one knew a woman was married if she wore a headdress with 10 or more silver coins. This was usually a dowry from her father to provide for her family if times got tough. This belonged not only to the woman, but to the husband as well. 

The woman in Jesus' parable of the lost coin, was probably searching for one of the coins from her headdress. There were no bank accounts in those times, and a husband could accuse a woman of wrong doing if one of those coins were missing! According to Lady Hoise in a 1956  set of notes on Bible Lessons, “She was sweeping, not only for a bit of metal, but for home and shelter and respectability; her right to a safe and honorable place in society, perhaps even for her right to her children.”

That is why she was so frantic and anxious. It was very precious to her. It was valuable and had much significance. Every day she would wear her headdress, and she would know immediately, when she took it off to keep it at night, that one of them was missing. After sweeping every nook and cranny of her home, she found it, and she rejoiced and called her neighbors to rejoice with her. She celebrated with an impromptu party!

We are that lost coin. Just as that Greek drachma had the face of Caesar inscribed, each of us bears the image and likeness of our Creator. When Jesus told this parable to the righteous Pharisees, He was telling them how precious and valuable each tax collector is to Him, each sinner. God pursues us, each one of us, as if we are that lost coin on His headdress. We have a place reserved for us. As there is a place reserved for the Pharisee who rejects Him. Thank you Lord that we are precious to You! That You will pursue as no matter what! That is such a comfort for me who sometimes acts likes a Pharisee!

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